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There are many coffee brewing methods. However, most coffee addicts prefer using French press coffee maker to prepare their favorite cup of tea. This coffee making method lets you mix ground coffee swirls around boiling water. There are many types of French presses in the market. That said, here are some features and terms common you can find in any french press review that will help you learn more about French press coffee makers.

Glass French press

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Some French presses are made from glass. Of course, this type of press is fragile. Borosilicate glass is highly preferred to minimize  the incidences of breakage during brewing. This material has the capability of withstanding shock and even breakage. The main advantage of a glass French is that you can easily monitor the brewing process.

Stainless Steel French Press

Most Stainless steel French presses have a double. This helps in retention of heat, thus expediting the brewing process. Therefore, it would be essential to buy a stainless steel French press with this feature. Also, it is vital to buy a French press made of quality stainless steel. With this, you will have your French press stay for decades in good quality.


This is an important thing to look at when buying a French press. Different French presses have different size. It is advisable to buy a French press that can hold at least 1 liter of water. In your shopping process, it is good to remember that you can fill a big carafe with less water but the vice versa can never happen.

Handle and plunger design

coffee maker 22A good handle should be heat resistant, durable, and sturdy. Thus, this should be what to consider when buying any French press. When it comes, to the plunger, you should choose a plunger that distills your coffee well. The best plunger should have multiple screens to facilitate distillation.

How to brew your coffee

The first thing to do when planning to brew coffee is to shop for coffee beans. The best coffee bean variety for a French press should be coarse to add flavor. After this, you need to mix the coffee beans with water. The preferred ratio is 60-70 grams of coffee for every liter of water. Then pour the mixture into your French press and adjusts the brewing temperature to 195- 205 degrees. Before the brewing process begins, stir the mixture and leave the appliance open until the coffee blooms. After this, allow the mixture to brew for 6-8 minutes.