Squirrels can cause damage to your property if you cannot get rid of them quickly. These pests are capable of chewing timbers and wires to gain access to your property. If you want to get rid of them, a trap is the best way to keep them away from your house.

It is time you learn how to use the trap to eliminate the squirrels that damage your property. The procedure is simple; no experience is required to obtain a quick set up of the trap. You also need to know what is the best squirrel bait to use. The following tips explain how to catch a squirrel.


Choose the Right Trap

squirrels trapped in cage

The first step is to buy or make a trap by yourself. If you consider buying, choose the type of trap that suits your needs. Choose either the live trap that is used for catch and release or the death traps that are designed to kill the squirrels.

Visit the local store or search online to obtain the best trap; you can also ask an expert trapper to do the job for you. You can build a squirrel trap on your own especially if you have a squirrel project.

The Trap Should Have a One-Way Door

A cage with one entry point is the best way to catch squirrels. Find out the time of day the squirrels usually become most active and place the cage where it is visible to them. The cage can only allow entry of the squirrels but will never allow them out. The cage should have a bait to attract the squirrels. To keep the squirrel alive, you need to set up a bigger cage and enough bait.

Determine the Best Trap Placement

Your trap should be placed in a location visible to the squirrels. However, you need to figure out the squirrel’s travel path. If you have no idea of where the squirrels pass, place the cage in a place close to the property damaged by the squirrel or at the base of a tree.

The squirrel, unlike other animals, is comfortable walking in an open area rather than the bushes or a hidden place. Therefore, your trap should not be covered in any way, choose a place that is away from bushes.

Select and Place the Bait Effectively

When you are building the trap for the squirrels, you need to have a bait that will attract them in. However, you must place the bait in a way that the squirrel cannot get out of the cage.

Sometimes, use a bait that the squirrels cannot steal, for instance, you can spread butter in a plate that is under the cage you use to trap the squirrel. Similarly, properly position the bait in a way to force the squirrel’s way into the cage.

Check on Your Trap Often

trap squirrel

You need to check on the trap often to ensure that it is useful so that you can make changes if it is not working out properly. Checking the cage will let you know when the squirrel is trapped so that you can empty the trap for another squirrel if necessary.…